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So You Want to Up Your Software Engineering Game?

This post was originally posted from the 10% Smarter newsletter. Consider subscribing if you like it! Are you just getting started being an engineer and already feeling overwhelmed? Fear not! This newsletter aims to give a quick 10 minute summary of concepts to help you become a better software engineer every week. I’ve decided to start of... Read more

How to Heal Broken Skin and Get Strong Healthy Skin

I want to have strong healthy skin. I suffer from eczema and sometimes I can get breakouts which can cause cuts and weak, broken skin. In my journey to treat my eczema, I’ve learned a few helpful tips on how to heal broken skin and get strong healthy skin. Let’s look at the three parts for healing and promoting healthy skin: cleansing, moisturiz... Read more

How to Deal With Flaky Skin

I have eczema on my face and sometime experience periods with really flaky skin. It can be really annoying to deal with and hard to know what you should do with it. Should I apply lotion or exfoliate it off? Here’s a guide on what to do with flaky skin. Firstly, don’t peel it off. That will pull off healthy skin as well! I know, flaky skin is a... Read more

How to Manage Your Eczema

This post comes from a YouTube video I created on how to manage your ecezma. Consider subscribing if you like it! Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis is a skin condition resulting from inflammation of the skin. It can be itchy, painful, and result in patchy flaky skin. Luckily your boi Brian is here with some skin tips ... Read more

First Post

Hi! I wanted to start a professional blog to share my writings and interests in Computer Science and various fields. There’s not much here, but I plan to add more soon! For the time being here are some blogs that I found inspirational in creating this. Distributed Systems http://hig... Read more